Should You Prune Your Veggies?

Should You Prune Your Veggies? 🍅🥒🫑


You’ve probably heard of pruning trees and bushes, maybe pruning flowers. But have you heard of pruning your veggie plants?


You may not need to prune your veggies plants for them to be successful, but it may help them flourish and produce a bigger harvest!


Here are three vegetable plants that can be pruned during the summer:


Tomatoes (indeterminate varieties): Indeterminate tomato plants continue to grow and produce fruit throughout the season. Pruning them can help redirect the plant's energy to the main stem and encourage larger, healthier fruits. Remove the "suckers," which are the new shoots that emerge in the leaf axils between the main stem and branches.


Peppers: Pepper plants can be pruned to encourage more branches and a bushier growth habit. By removing the tips of the main stems and any weak or diseased branches, you can promote more vigorous growth and better fruit production.


Cucumbers: Pruning cucumber plants can help manage their sprawling growth and improve fruit quality. Pinch off the growing tips when the plant reaches the desired height to encourage lateral branching. Also, remove any damaged or yellowing leaves to enhance air circulation.


Keep in mind that not all vegetable plants require pruning, and the extent of pruning may vary depending on the specific variety and growth habit. Make sure to do some research if you are unsure about how to prune a particular plant!

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