Solve Green Bean Problems With BugHut!

Solve Green Bean Problems With BugHut!



Green beans face many different problems throughout the growing season from pests to disease to a lack of nutrients. BugHut has products to solve them!


Pest Solutions!


Use natural predators like ladybugs or introduce beneficial insects like parasitic wasps. Apply Insect Control every 7-10 days to keep aphids and spider mites away!


Disease Solutions!


Rotate crops to reduce disease buildup in the soil. Choose disease-resistant varieties. Apply Organic Fungicide every 7-10 days to keep powdery mildew and blight at bay!


Nutrient Deficiencies Solutions!


Before planting, conduct a soil test to identify nutrient deficiencies and amend the soil accordingly with Soil Wizard, Wiggle Wonder, or Nutrition. During the growing season, apply Nutrition every few weeks if you suspects nutrient deficiencies. To ensure that your beans are efficiently absorbing nutrients and micronutrients, apply BugHut biologicals—Enhancer, Booster, De-Stressor—every week!


By being vigilant and taking appropriate measures, you can address these common problems and enjoy a healthy and bountiful green bean harvest.


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