Potting Soil & Amendments

Make a sustainable and organic home for all your roots!


Wiggle Wonder™

Improve germination, root health and increase water retention

Net Wt. 10lbs: $27.99


Magic Mix™

An all-in-one, natural potting and planting mix for

8 qt. Pouch: $22.99


Soil Wizard™

Enrich and fortify any soil for a boost in

8 qt. Pouch: $29.99

8 oz Shaker: $15.99

Natural Plant Protection

Health is wealth! Protect your garden!


Antioxidants vigorously defend against heat, drought & cooler

Concentrate 16 oz: $34.99

Hose End 32 oz: $49.99


All-natural potency targets powdery mildew, white mold, brown

Concentrate 8 oz: $34.99

Insect Repellent

Keep insects away! Garlic oil repels aphids, whiteflies,

Concentrate 16 oz: $27.99

Natural Plant Foods

Available in easy-to-use sprayer formulas and concentrates!


Microorganisms pump it up for stronger roots, larger plants

Concentrate 16 oz: $34.99

Hose End 32 oz: $49.99


Microorganisms bring the beauty with vivid colors, greener leaves

Concentrate 16 oz: $34.99

Hose End 32 oz: $49.99


Nutrition 2-0-1

Micronutrients provide a balanced diet for flowers, plants &

Concentrate 16 oz: $22.99